Friday, May 11, 2012

WEEK 18: Social Distortion

I love Social there. The band has had its ups and downs but has always remained true to it's beginnings and has never sacrificed it's original sound or intentions. Something we have in common. With that in mind I wanted to remain true to the original cover, keeping with the familiar color scheme, but add my own touch. I had the liberty of using their now obvious skeleton mascot as the focus of the piece. After doing pieces for Break Neck Gallery for the Black and White show...I wanted to continue the run of noir stuff I've been doing.....So I went with a smoked filled dive with a bunch of seedy lowlifes. Booze, dames and guns. My kinda' place.


  1. This is my new favorite piece you've done. It shoots right to that place in me that loves film noire. So much story and so much to look at. It does exactly what all of my favorite art does, it makes me want to run home and draw.

  2. That is insanely great.

  3. Better than the friggin original!