Tuesday, May 1, 2012

WEEK 17: Sabretooth- Oh..there will be blood.

Perhaps my favorite villain in, at least Wolverines history, has to be Sabretooth. His feral nature..his savagery, unhampered by morals. The exact opposite of Logans character. Plus with such a badass name as Creed...well...I just like the character. Years ago during the Mutant Massacre crossover is what did it for me. And since he makes an appearance in this issue...it was just screaming at me to be done. Markers, pen and lot's of red ink. I wanted to frame his figure in red, bringing the logo down into the piece. And what better way than with blood...lot's of blood...or in this case red ink..If'n you'd like you can head over to my site at www.chelzostudios.com to see the penciled version before inks...color...and blood.