Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tim: Super #1!

Hey look a giant robot! We're (my rust belt buds and I)  drawing all sorts of robots this week, and here's mine! I grew up in the 1980's watching a ton of cartoons with giant heroic robots...and "Super #1" here is my (very obvious) homage to the best of them!

If you're in the Northeast Ohio area this weekend, you should come to "Ingenuity Fest" and see us (the rust belt again) paint a giant mural with all sorts of robots on it,  including this dude here!


Monday, September 22, 2014

The power of Terry compels you

As you've seen on our Facebook page, it's that time of year again.  Ingenuity Fest in Cleveland, Ohio!  We will be doing our 30th and LARGEST mural we've ever attempted and our friends at Voix de Ville will be pitching the biggest little show in town all next weekend!!!  
I'm one of the featured artists for the Voix de Ville tent.  Last year I created their logo as well as giant billboards that go outside the tent.  For this year's festivities I created this little diddy.  

This little character is Terry the Tinkle toad, he shows up occasionally at the performances, stirs up mischief as well as the audience for the next show.  The drawing is all brushed ink and once it was done I paired it with a photo I took of the back of a rusty sign and it seemed to fit.
 SO!  Come on down to the Port of Cleveland next weekend and partake in an amazing event!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Ohio: The Heart Of It All.

The Monsters are cooking up something giant for this years Ingenuity Fest, and it involves Robots.  I've decided to add a bit of local pride into my contribution to our loosely guarded secret project. I couldn't draw a nuclear power plant head without thinking about Perry, Ohio.  With any luck, I'll have stickers of this dude at Ingenuity, and you know he'll make your lunchbox the coolest. 

Just remember. Monsters + Robots + Giant, I KNOW you like those things.

Your Pal, 

Randy Crider 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Engine, Engine No.9

It's not commonly known who invented the caster wheel nor that the inventor was a genius of pure evil, exceptionally inept but still pure evil!  This is his Evil Engine No.9, minion and "guy Friday" to Professor Caster for most of his career.  Not quite adept loathsome or dirty deeds, or turning corners for that matter,  No.9 could port heavy loads, mix drinks and developed a knack for all manner of courtly and Gentlemanly behavior.  
Most of the wonders of this massive machine has been lost to time, only the lowly caster wheel remain to carry the Caster name.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tim's random stuff

Buried under work again this week, so all I have is some random doodles that I've drawn in the last few weeks:

My new self-portrait...Simpson's style, drawn in Adobe Illustrator.... 

A quick collaboration with my girlfriend Clare, painted in Photoshop...

An unused version of some art for a job, drawn in Illustrator...

...and finally, what I want to be doing right now.