Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 4: The Three Spheres: Pete, Pete, Artie

I struggled for a log time trying to figure out which kid's show to riff on.  I honestly don't remember watching too many kids shows, although I do remember watching Robocop a lot.  But then I realized just how much Nickelodeon I consumed.  
I spent a full night watching You Cant Do That On Television reruns, but couldn't come up with any good Barth compositions. So, I chose good over evil and went with Pete and Pete, a show that despite the time it was released was a beacon for everything great about growing up.  Not to mention most of what was good with the nineties too.

Honestly, this one got a way from me, and I really wanted ink and color it straight, but this whole "draw as much ridiculous stuff on the page as you can" style I've been rocking lately is hellish on time.

Keep an eye up @ for a more straight laced version of the pencils, but in the meantime enjoy the rock poster goodness.


  1. Very nice. Everything you draw looks like it deserves to be a poster. I have a cousin that was obsessed with this show. I'm sending it over to him now. Sure he'll love it.

  2. Pipe indeed! Artie is one of the best characters ever, this would kick ass on a shirt. Now I must also draw Artie.

  3. You realize you've nearly hit 2 weeks of topics with one post!

  4. I realized that today as I crawled around my brain thinking of this weeks composition.

  5. My oldest daughter and I watched this every week...loved the show and it still holds up by todays standards in repetes. Ha..Re-Petes..get it?! Mr. Crider...I believe you are onto something with this new style thing you got happenin'.

  6. I Love the psychedelic poster vibe in this piece, the drawing and the text work awesome together!