Tuesday, August 21, 2012


As a kid, while most of my friends were busy playing ball on a Saturday afternoon, I was glued to the 9"x9" little T.V. in my bedroom to watch horror movies. For whatever reason, I became infatuated with monsters and monster movies. Didn't matter what they were....If it had creepy crawlies, if it dripped blood....crawled on 6 legs or stomped cities to rubble, I was in. But there was one in particular that I became enamored with. And that was the big G. ( Gammera was a close 2nd. ) I was raised on the U.S. version starring Raymond Burr and the myriad of his films that followed...Godzillas not Raymond Burr....but years later I picked up the original Gojira. And fell in love with him all over again. The original Japanese version was more of a statement against the use of nuclear weapons...in fact after Godzillas assault on Tokyo, the camera pans over the rubble of the city. The imagery closely resembles footage of the ruins of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This piece, along with a few others by a handful of artists, was done as a going away gift to an editor that greatly influenced my early foray into getting in comics. If you follow the link to Chelzo Studios you can check out my blog and a newly added color version. Now....I'm off to stomp some cities.


  1. Awesome work and well done going with such an interesting point of view. Also, your texture on the monster makes me feel lazy.

  2. Now look what you did, you've done gone and inspired me to draw some Godzilla at DnD.

  3. Thanks guys...You want to check out something sweet. Google search Godzilla models. Some of them are just...over the top crazy good.