Thursday, August 30, 2012

WEEK 27: Batman Begins

I've been watching Bats since I was a kid. Although my first sighting of The Batman was Adam West and Burt Ward, I fell in love with the character enough that I manage to try and steal my dads black ford (with red interior of course) and rip the shower curtains down trying to climb the walls...all at 4 or 5 years old. I read the comics, wore my first Batman costume. And though over the years we drifted apart...he has always been my favorite. (Although I will admit a slight teetering on the fence when I saw The Green Hornet and Kato mop the floor with Bats and the boy wonder in one episode...I did slightly convert for a while to the Hornet. My second childhood hero) It wasn't till years later when my wife bought me a copy of Millers Dark Knight that I had seen what he'd become. Then Burton's two films came along (The rest are dead to me...DEAD I say!!!) and I got my dose of that boyhood adrenaline again. After the following debacle of films...he seemed to lose his luster. Something I'll never forgive Schumacher for.
Then came Batman Begins....and I was blown away. This was the guy that I knew he was...what he was capable of becoming. As you can tell I love Nolans films. And they will always sit as my prize possessions in my DVD collection. This was the scene that did it for me. The moment when Bruce Wayne not only faces his boyhood fears, but decides what he is to become to combat the criminal element of Gotham. This 3-4 minutes of film is just...goosebumps. The bats, the cave..the soundtrack. And though this took me a while to ink the textures...I loved doing it. Hope you like. You can click the link to my site to see the penciled version. As always thanks for lookin. J.


  1. I was getting ready to write how much I like the that friggin cave, you can feel every inch of that space! That Bruce Wayne is good, ol' straight out of the comic, square jaw Bruce and then I saw the shadow. It didn't pop out right at me, it actually took a little while of my eyes crawling around everything else before I saw it. Spot, friggin on! That's how you move a viewers eye through a piece!

  2. Thanks man. Orginally the shadow was to be in the ceiling of the cave...the two entrances serving as the eyes. But I wanted to get in as many bats as possible and I feared they'd be lost in the ceiling. A lot I artists over the years have used the bat I didn't want to be too obvious.