Monday, August 27, 2012

Round 28: c'mon and fight!

Kinda hard not to think of Sgt. Rock when you think about Joe Kuburt and I was intentionally going to try to steer away from Rock until Ben shared the link to this article.  If you scroll down a bit you come to what seems to be the genesis of Sgt. Rock, The Rock!  A story of a once professional prize fighter who wasn't known so much for his winning record as he was known for his tenacity.  "They called him -- "The human obstacle course"!  You had to beat him -- to be someone!  But no one had ever made him stay down!  Now -- he was fighting in a different kind of ring!  Would he still be -- THE ROCK!"  How can you not want to draw this guy?!  What a great character!


  1. Nicely done. I really like how his right arm and side of the bazooka fade into the distance. Not sure I would have figured how to achieve that artistically.

    1. Thanks! Yeah atmospheric perspective is a fun thing to play around with and easy. It buys you a lot with very little.