Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Devil's Work Pt. 13


The final piece of the "Devil's Work" series, and I'm sorry to see it go.  Once again using my pal Doll Bambino as the model. Dig back into the blog and check out the older ones if you missed em , and thanks so much for hanging out the past 13 days. 

Now to get back to hiding razor blades in candy. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Devil's Work Pt.12

Draw your pals whenever you can, but make time to draw them as devils. 

For the last two parts of this series, I'm using my pal Doll Bambino as the model. Partly because she owes me a favor, partly because she's a great homage to Crumb and Coop's devil girls, but mostly because she already had a devil costume.

One more to go.  Happy Devil's Night!  

You can't reason with a headless man

Messing around with an old sketch in Procreate.  Enjoy!

it ain't Halloween till you hear.......

Monday, October 29, 2012

Tim, Halloween: The "Great Pumpkin" rides again!

Ok, I lied, defiantly not the "Great Pumpkin", just think of it as the "trick" part of "trick or treat".

This is a colored version of my drawing from last Thursday's "Drink and Draw", what's that, you missed going, well now I don't feel so bad for tricking you.

Original drawing is posted here

Devil's Work Pt.11

Eleven down, almost time to eat a bunch of candy under the guise of testing it for little kids. 

The Demon

 It's the 1970's and I'm a kid. Every week we ride our bikes to the local Rexxel Drug Store in my home town. Walking into the magazine section there they are. Shelves filled with multi colored covers of comic goodness, rows upon rows of them. Next to the shelves is the spinnerette. Again filled with comics...I feverishly thumb through cover after cover looking for my one true goal that week. Jack Kirby's The Demon.  
 Probably one of the more bizarre creations of Mr. Kirby...but enjoyable still to this day. (I still own a few copies of the original run...and plan on snagging the omnibus someday along with Kamandi.) The Demon was THE very first comic page I ever did, panel for panel...word for word...I recreated two pages of the first issue. The scene where Merlins demon, Etrigan throws himself into the hordes of oncoming soldiers. Swords, helmets and pieces flying everywhere. I am in awe of the book, little did I know where that would someday lead me. So this was all about fun...and I had a blast doing it. Paint on colored paper.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Devil's Work Pt.9

Well I think it's Booty.

That's what it is.

A little Halloween love...Farmer style!!

The results of this past Drink and Draw...and yes...I just recently watched MOTEL HELL. What else can you do with a severed pigs head? Ink and white marker on red...blood red, paper

Friday, October 26, 2012

Erin Boo-Doodle: 4

Practicing drawing gross things. As a professional "cute" artist, this is NOT easy!

Devil's Work Pt.8

Drawing devil ladies is fun, but it's way funner at the Cleveland Drink And Draw Social Club.  This style seems to benefit from booze being poured on top of it. 

My liver hates this style. 

Five more to go and then we can all eat candy until our tummies hurt!  

Devil's Work Pt.7

Of course lucky number seven would be a day late, it's the devil after all.

Did it yesterday at the Drink And Draw, but was too drunk to figure out how computers work when I got home.  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Of all the actors in the horror genre...hands down for me, it was and always will be Vincent Price. As a child I spent many a nights huddled in front of the times into the wee hours of the morning ( When all good, normal little kids were sleeping.) watching as Vincent dispatched waves of vampires ( The Last Man on Earth.), buried his insane sister alive ( Fall of the House of Usher), attempted to chop his brother in law in half ( The Pit and the Pendulum) hunted witches ( The Conqueror Worm/ Witchfinder General.) or had us checking beneath our theater seats. ( The Tingler ) But perhaps my favorite of his performances was of his portrayal as The Abominable Dr. Phibes. A vengeful Doctor out to make the 9 physicians he held responsible for the death of his beloved wife, pay for their wrong doings....and in a not so niceness nasty way. Using the curse of the pharaohs his dispatches his victims in inventive ways. Done with tongue in cheek Prices portrayal is ...well......priceless. In the film he never speaks...via moving his lips. Instead he talks thru a plug coming from his neck and jacked into a phonograph. I cannot....I repeat...cannot recommend the film enough if you like your horror... a little dark...a little twisted...but told with a smirk. This was part of a batch of bic pen character studies I did for a final piece. 

Baby Jane

I actually watch horror films all the time. If I'm up late working, and not listening to music, I've got a horror film on in the background. But there are those films out there that have such phenomenal portrayals...the actors or actresses are at the height of their abilities, that it is a genuine joy to watch some cases come unraveled. Such is the case with Betty Davis in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane. Although Joan Crawford as her seemingly victimized sister, does a great job...It's Ms. Davis's portrayal of Baby Jane Hudson that steals the show. If you've never seen the film, I shudder to think, do yourself a it.

Erin Boo-Doodle: 3

Witchy Wednesday!

Devil's Work Pt.6

Number of the beast!

I know I'm not reinventing the wheel, but Halloween is a lot more fun this year.  We're half way there, so now's a good time to follow the page (over on the side), or join our facebook group

Put this thing in your house!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Thought I would throw some color on my Frankenstein sketch from the other day.  It was a fun little exercise, but reminded me that I really need to calibrate my monitor and Cintiq.  Taking it from my drawing source to the main screen showed me how grossly over-saturated it actually was.  So I'll probably take care of that this weekend.  

Devil's Work Pt.5

Five is alive! 

This one looks like an ex of mine, but mostly because of the horns. 

You can buy it!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Tim, Halloween: No Camping at Crystal Lake

Blame to much T.V. and "AMC Fearfest" for this one. 
First time drawing him, and I gotta say, it was pretty fun.

Devil's Work Pt.4

Fantastic four. 

Hope y'all are having as much fun as I am with these. Feel free to send some candy, I can use it for energy. 

Buy this sucker! 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Devil's Work Pt. 3

And then there were three. 

It's been great drawing these after work, almost as good as coming home to a cocktail.


Buy the thing here: 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tim, Round 30 part 2: Maleficent

I haven't seen "Disney's Sleeping Beauty" in a while, but this is how I remember "Maleficent" looking, right? Ok maybe, just maybe I'm a bit "off model", but in my defense, this how I always WANTED her to look in the movie.

Head to my personal blog for a "Maleficent" work in progress animation (do this, you won't regret it)

...and perviously here on the RBMC blog,  my original Maleficent sketch


Devil's Work Pt.2

 One day closer to Halloween, one more devil lady. 

I really hope no one gives me candy corn this year, or worse yet, pennies.

Own the original here:

Friday, October 19, 2012

What can we do with a drunken Sailor?

Mermaids, don't sing.  They don't pine to be human or have cute little fish sidekicks.  They are creepy and all they want to do is drag you down to the watery depths to do whatever they do with drowned, waterlogged bodies.  Perhaps wait for them to get all squishy and easy to eat like alligators do to their prey.  Certainly not to sing to them.  So avoid them, they don't like you!

Devil's Work Pt.1

I didn't really know what to draw for Halloween this year, but my boss and I have an expression around the office. 

"You can always draw the devil"

So that's what I'm doing...thirteen times.  

Every day until halloween I'm going to post a new devil lady drawing. It'll be like an advent calendar for hedonists.

Oh, and you can buy the originals, for wicked cheap here: 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WWhhooooo goes there?

I have amassed a huge collection of horror films....HUGE. I dare say I have close to 200 films or more. I sounds like a pick up line...and if I were single I'd use it in a heart beat. But my point is..I've seen a lot of horror films. Some great...some good ....some not so good. And of that group there are a few that I watch again and again on a whim. And STAGE FRIGHT (Also known as AQUARIUS and DELIRIA) is one of them. Shot in 1987 by director Michele Soavi, (Of CEMETARY MAN fame) it's the tale of a theater group locked inside a sound stage at the hands of a lunatic actor dressed in an owls head costume. It may sound goofy...but there are some seriously intense scenes...more notably the stage scene where the killer sits in a chair like a king with his court before him, the corpses of his victims. The soundtrack reeks of 80's music...But it stands as one of my personal favorite slasher flicks.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

tis the season

Any other holiday have it's own line of cereal?  NOPE!

Erin Boo-Doodle: 2

Today's sketch stars Mika the cat! I am a big fan of cute Halloween.


The very OLD Dracula.  I've had Bram Stoker's Dracula (the movie) on the brain lately and felt like taking a quick stab at it.  Rather than go with the traditional vampire attire, I thought I'd try the more bizarre hair and makeup version from earlier in the film.  I really need to watch that again soon.  I remember really liking the visual style of it and I wonder if it still holds up.

-Ben Hale

Monday, October 15, 2012

Erin Boo-Doodle: 1

Here are today's creepy sketches from my morning meeting. I will post one each remaining weekday in October, so check back tomorrow!

...I love that zombie guy.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Man Who Laughs

This one is from a while back for me as well.  I heard once that Bob Kane based the Joker character on Conrad Veidt's character from the horror, "The Man Who Laughs".  After a bit of research I found some stills even some sections of the film and holy crap is it full of creepy.  If you are looking for some good Halloween goodness give it a look.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pumpkin Man

And the Halloween hits keep coming.  Here's an oldie from last year.  Just a demon Pumpkin man that I was sketching while trying to get comfortable with Sketchbook Pro.  One day I really need to draw a proper Headless Horseman.

-Ben Hale

Friday, October 12, 2012

Trick or Treat

Here's an old Flash animation I made years ago for Halloween.  Decided to pull this one out of the vault for all to see.  I've been meaning to redo this, but time is never kind to me.  There's always next year.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Got brains?

....or milk, either way it's all good.

Begin the Halloween Goodness!

Instead of rolling out the next "round", the Rust Belt Monsters have decided to finish out the month of October with Art, Sketches, and general nonsense dedicated to Halloween.  Be sure to check the blog for pieces from all of us up until November.

First up is a quick zombie skater sketch from Ben.  Stay tuned for more!

Personal Site:

Monday, October 8, 2012

Round 30: Passamawhaty?

Hiccup and Toothless, Falcor and Bastian, all boys and their dragons owe it all to Pete and Elliot.  "Pete's Dragon" was the first movie my parents took me to watch in a theater and I've loved it ever since.  Really a somewhat forgotten gem that if you haven't seen it I would suggest you check it out.  

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tim, Round 30 part 1:Maleficent

"Disney Round" work in progress.  What a surprise! I'm doing a creepy/sexy(eventually) take on a children's cartoon character.

Click here for the finished image!

Round 30: Gizmo Duck!

I was a big fan of the Disney Afternoon of my youth.  Ducktales, Gummi Bears, and Darkwing Duck was consistently watched during my wind down from school.  Of course I eventually progressed to Batman the Animated Series and Gargoyles, but those Disney shows still hold a soft spot in my heart.

For this piece, I decided to go with a limited pallete and a textured brush.  I wasn't loving it at first, but combining it with a paper texture gave it a painterly look that I rather enjoy.  I'll have to put forward a better effort on the background next time.  Baby steps for now.

For other work in progress and inane ramblings, be sure to visit my personal blog: Need Your Disease


Ingenuity Fest '12 Live Draw Montage

While the Rust Belt Monsters would love for people to sit and watch us paint for 15 hours straight, we understand that bathroom breaks and general cramping make it prohibitive.  Luckily, Ron Caruso was nice enough to produce a nice little 4 minute montage of the Monsters creating their mural for Ingenuity Fest 2012.  Please sit back and enjoy our labor of love served up to you in a delightful 4 minute chunk.

Also, be sure to stop by for Ron Caruso's show "The Other Section": Watch as Ron subjects himself to some of the most obscure pieces of cinema known to man.

Also, please be sure to "Like" and subscribe to the Rust Belt Monsters' Youtube channel as we have plenty more on the way.