Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ingenuity Fest '12 Live Draw Montage

While the Rust Belt Monsters would love for people to sit and watch us paint for 15 hours straight, we understand that bathroom breaks and general cramping make it prohibitive.  Luckily, Ron Caruso was nice enough to produce a nice little 4 minute montage of the Monsters creating their mural for Ingenuity Fest 2012.  Please sit back and enjoy our labor of love served up to you in a delightful 4 minute chunk.

Also, be sure to stop by for Ron Caruso's show "The Other Section": Watch as Ron subjects himself to some of the most obscure pieces of cinema known to man.

Also, please be sure to "Like" and subscribe to the Rust Belt Monsters' Youtube channel as we have plenty more on the way.

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