Monday, October 29, 2012

The Demon

 It's the 1970's and I'm a kid. Every week we ride our bikes to the local Rexxel Drug Store in my home town. Walking into the magazine section there they are. Shelves filled with multi colored covers of comic goodness, rows upon rows of them. Next to the shelves is the spinnerette. Again filled with comics...I feverishly thumb through cover after cover looking for my one true goal that week. Jack Kirby's The Demon.  
 Probably one of the more bizarre creations of Mr. Kirby...but enjoyable still to this day. (I still own a few copies of the original run...and plan on snagging the omnibus someday along with Kamandi.) The Demon was THE very first comic page I ever did, panel for panel...word for word...I recreated two pages of the first issue. The scene where Merlins demon, Etrigan throws himself into the hordes of oncoming soldiers. Swords, helmets and pieces flying everywhere. I am in awe of the book, little did I know where that would someday lead me. So this was all about fun...and I had a blast doing it. Paint on colored paper.

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