Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Week 9: Porcupine Concubine

The only redeeming factor of the film Night Breed..(that is until they release the new directors cut...if that ever happens) were the sets of this film. The upper level gated graveyard...and the underground dwelling of the city of monsters, Midia. Nightmarish, dark and incredible. Kind of a more grown up version of Monsters Inc...And the creatures of the film. From the serial killing therapist, played by Croenenburg, to the monsters themselves.  
 I've been trying to stretch and grow with my painting skills...So I chose the female form. For me personally, a much harder canvas to paint. No hard edges..no bulking muscle masses. Soft, supple...and in this case..full of poisonous quills. I chose Shuna Sassi. The concubine of the Night Breed...hiding in the city of Midia. This is pen and ink, acrylics. I've been studying a lot of an artist work, Gabe Leonard...and want to try a few of the techniques he uses. Mainly inking with paint instead of ink...if that makes sense. Next go around for sure.


  1. Man it's been a long time since I've watched that movie, by the looks of it I need to give it a rent. Loving the figure but the art geek in me is totally fixating on the doorway in the background. That shadow with the little bit of reflective color from her robe, that's some good stuff!
    Ink washes are always a good thing to mess around with. It's like watercolors mixed with tasty, tasty meat.

  2. Thanks Craig. Unfortunately, of all the pieces I've done with the group, this is my most personally disappointing. I'm not happy at all with the face and I think the coloring shows my struggle with painting the human form. I wish I had applied the principles or techniques I mentioned of Gabe Leonard's. Inking it first was my 1st mistake. The dark lines do not fit....and I'm not sold on the coloring. But hey, that's why we're doing this right? On to the next . Tally Ho!!!!

  3. I honestly don't think think that the inking has detracted from it at all, but I've also had pieces that I wished I just full out painted. Great work on the fabric and folds too. I tend to get a little sloppy with those and this is really making me want to put more thought into my next piece.