Monday, March 5, 2012

Week 8: Gen. Patton. War Machine.

Better late than never I'd wager...As a kid one of the films that made an impression on me was George C. Scotts portrayal of Gen. Patton....and since I spent last week working on a piece with robots..I stayed with that direction. Pen, ink...marker, acrylics. I trying to limit my time on these...force myself to work faster and more practical with what I have. 3 hours...2 on pencils and inks....a couple hours drying time to be sure the inks didn't bleed on me. And then colors, 1 hour.


  1. This looks awesome, I really like the muzzle flares and explosion effects on his back.

  2. I hear ya about forcing yourself to work more efficiently I've been trying the same. What I'm really digging about this piece is what you choose to go into detail on vs what you let go to under drawing. This REALLY moves the eye around and adds atmospheric perspective. Slick job Sir.

  3. Thanks Tim and Craig. No lie....I sat with literally a stop watch while
    I worked. Time was my only decision maker here. Just tried to keep everything tied together and compatible. Glad you liked.