Monday, March 12, 2012

Tim, W9: Ralph McQuarrie Tribute Concept Vader!

awesome finished update post:

Hey Look! I got my act together and actually finished this tribute piece! It has been a really long time since I drew Darth Vader, I used to draw him a lot when I was a kid, he is probably my favorite film villain. In all of those many adolescent drawings I always tried to draw him on model from the movie, with this drawing I wanted to give him more of his pre-film Ralph McQuarrie concept look (there are many), I went with the longer mouth that almost resembles a wolf snout, and a wider samurai influenced helmet. 

For all of you sadists out there (you know who you are) I posted a few process images of this piece on my personal sketch blog: 

and a larger version of this image can be found here:

original lazy unfinished post:

Well... in the never ending battle of Tim vs. Art, Art has won...for now mu-hu-hahahah (evil laugh). This one just got the better of me, and I'm tired and I'm gonna go to bed. This image is just a place holder until I'm finished and post the final in all of its Sith-y goodness (yes, I know "Sith-y goodness" is quite a contradiction (remember I'm tired))!


  1. I'm with ya dude.....mine won't be till later tonight. And by the way....This is one helluva place holder.

  2. thanks guys, I love drawing Darth

  3. At this point, Tim is just showing off. Breathtaking work. Probably my favorite from you. The atmosphere and lighting and incredible.

  4. The final is just gorgeous work, Tim. I've considered myself very fortunate to be involved with this bunch. And even more so now.....