Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ralph McQuarrie Tribute: Jabba Watcher

I was looking through the various concept paintings that Ralph McQuarrie did for the Star Wars films when noticed a large, lumbering figure off to the side of the Jabba the Hut painting.  I was pretty sure the character was never represented in Return of the Jedi so I thought I'd give him a shot.

For this piece I decided to work on paper again and try drawing "bigger".  I was spending a lot of time on smaller drawings with a limited amount of line mileage.  Thought that this time I would try and change it up a bit.  If I had to change something, I would try to better represent the length of the characters head.  I'm not sure that it comes across as well as I would have liked.  Next week I'm going to try and finally crack into a couple of books on color theory as I feel like I may have hit a wall with my rendering.

Here is the Jabba painting and the character I referenced:

UPDATE: Thanks to a member of, I now know that the character's name is Hermi Odle.  Guess he was in the movie.  My Bad.

See the original sketch at my blog:
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  1. Much like Luke in the scene you're pulling from, you're at the top of your game here. Color theory is always good, but damn fine job on lighting and tonal values sir!

  2. Absolutely agree, fine job Sir!

  3. Thanks guys. I ran into a little bit of a problem when I was painting him: I realized that I never quite figured out a way to put different colors into the same area. I'm fine when the pants are blue and the shirt is red, but his skin had sections of green, grey, and yellow. Its definitely something that I need to address in the future.