Friday, March 2, 2012

Week 8: Benjamin Franklin Takes His Revenge!

I'm sure we can all agree that if Benjamin Franklin lived an extra 300 years, that he would eventually use his abilities for evil.  That is why I present to you, what I feel, is a pretty accurate representation of The Franklin.  Hell bent on vengeance and armed with electric gauntlets and super electric fly boots (of Evil), he leaves no survivors.

Sketched on paper, inked in Sketchbook Pro, colored in Photoshop.  Found some success in worker at a much higher resolution and in Sketchbook Pro and discovering the "rotate canvas" feature while watching a tutorial from the Paper Wings Podcast.

See the original sketch (loosely scrawled on a legal pad) at my blog: Still-Reaching.
Twitter: NeedYourDisease

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  1. The movement happening in the upper torso and face is really nice. You've always got a great feeling of movement in your drawings.

    1. Thanks! That was something that I really wanted to get better at and try in this picture.

  2. I saw the description pop up on my blog and thought it had something to do with a French whore . . . or something . . . Great illustration!

  3. Lol. I might have to do a second pass on it then. Thanks!

  4. I was sold when I saw the screaming Franklin face, something so damn funny about this piece. Perhaps it's the knee pads cause even evil knows, safety first!
    I like how you are starting to simplify your color choices, it's really working for you. It's serving your drawing nicely. Good stuff!

  5. You continually top what you did the previous week, Ben. This looks like a sweet ass Saturday morning cartoon villain.

  6. Now more than ever I realize that I need some "Super Electric Fly Boots of Evil"

  7. Thanks guys. I was feeling good with this one. Hoping to keep that momentum going.