Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tim W11(Finally Finished): Neo Classical

Disclaimer: It's now 3am, so I may vehemently disavow all text that follows at a later date.

Hey look I finished my "Re-imagined Masterpiece"! For this weeks topic I used Ingres: "La Grande Odalisque (1814)", but since this is the "Rust Belt Monster Collective" and not the "Stuffed Shirt Snooty Academic Collective" (i'm just kidding BFA peeps... chill) I drew a robot chick.

If I remember my Art History, Ingres was a pretty mainstream academic Neoclassicist in his day, a movement that looked to the past for its inspiration, so using one of his paintings to inspire a futuristic fantasy is pretty funny to me. But then again, the academic style of the time was to paint Nymphs and Satyrs fornicating (-my attempt at keeping my RBMC PG-13 least in the text), a theme that is pretty fantastical, so maybe i'm not that far off.

Hey If you want to see my process in making this masterpiece head on over to my blog


  1. Mesmerizing. I really like your choice in laying the shadows across the body. Way more challenging than anything I would attempt now, but down the road I will probably steal it. Great work as always.

  2. I knew it'd be worth the wait. And I was right. Great atmosphere, color. Yep.