Monday, March 19, 2012

Week 10: Moebius Week

I finished this sketch a few days ago, but a hectic week kept me from finishing it.  I may complete it, I may not. Starting this piece, I realized that I don't know much about Moebius.  I think I first heard of him when watching some extra features referencing him on Blade Runner.  So I started to go through his work and saw a lot of expansive wastelands bathed in purple and yellow and devices with a lot of intricate detail.  Everything had a very nice "lived in" feel and you could tell that everything he drew on a character or building, had a function.  So I think I was trying to go more for that "feel" than any specific character.


  1. I'd say you got a good feel with this one. Not an easy pose, a bunch of props and it looks like it was done with a very comfortable hand. Very well done Sir!

    1. Thanks. I just kind of sat down and started sketching. After you said that, I realized that I was pretty comfortable while drawing it. I think the more consistent drawing schedule is really paying off.