Thursday, July 16, 2015

They call him......Tim

Our Pal Tim is all sorts of good.  
Good dude, good Illustrator, good builder of giant easels, good friend, good everything.  Exchange those goods for great and my description may be getting close.  One of the most generous Artists to paint with, happy to throw down and amazing, upside down frog or to be the glue, painting in background elements or give things just the right touch ups to make other elements shine.  He possesses a keen eye, a quick brush and a steady hand and we are fortunate to to have him as a fellow Monster.
Want to see Tim for yourself?  Going to be in Columbus, Ohio July 18,19?  Then stop by the Small Press and Comics Expo THIS WEEKEND at the Northland Performing Arts Center.  And while you are there make sure to see some of our favorite people: Clare Kolat (conveniently located at the table next to Tim), Angela Oster and Ashley Ribblett!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

..and proud we are of all of them

2015 Bay Arts "Interns" mural

Like the Big Lebowski we too get to work with a fine group of Junior Achievers!  The last three years we've been invited to work with a few select "interns" for a couple weekends.  First weekend getting them comfortable working as a group and the second week, painting in front of an audience at the Bay Arts Fest!  We love working with these budding young talents and are always impressed with how well it comes together.  If you would like to see these in person all three are lurking at Bay Arts in Bay Village, Ohio!  Enjoy!

2014 Bay Arts "Interns" mural

Ben Brings You The Thing

Still having fun with some speed painting.  This one is about an hour and just an attempt to change up my light direction and add some contrast.  Took about an hour in Manga Studio.  You can watch a time lapse below.  See how I completely abandoned my first idea...yep, confidence.  

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