Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Of all the actors in the horror genre...hands down for me, it was and always will be Vincent Price. As a child I spent many a nights huddled in front of the times into the wee hours of the morning ( When all good, normal little kids were sleeping.) watching as Vincent dispatched waves of vampires ( The Last Man on Earth.), buried his insane sister alive ( Fall of the House of Usher), attempted to chop his brother in law in half ( The Pit and the Pendulum) hunted witches ( The Conqueror Worm/ Witchfinder General.) or had us checking beneath our theater seats. ( The Tingler ) But perhaps my favorite of his performances was of his portrayal as The Abominable Dr. Phibes. A vengeful Doctor out to make the 9 physicians he held responsible for the death of his beloved wife, pay for their wrong doings....and in a not so niceness nasty way. Using the curse of the pharaohs his dispatches his victims in inventive ways. Done with tongue in cheek Prices portrayal is ...well......priceless. In the film he never speaks...via moving his lips. Instead he talks thru a plug coming from his neck and jacked into a phonograph. I cannot....I repeat...cannot recommend the film enough if you like your horror... a little dark...a little twisted...but told with a smirk. This was part of a batch of bic pen character studies I did for a final piece. 

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