Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WWhhooooo goes there?

I have amassed a huge collection of horror films....HUGE. I dare say I have close to 200 films or more. I sounds like a pick up line...and if I were single I'd use it in a heart beat. But my point is..I've seen a lot of horror films. Some great...some good ....some not so good. And of that group there are a few that I watch again and again on a whim. And STAGE FRIGHT (Also known as AQUARIUS and DELIRIA) is one of them. Shot in 1987 by director Michele Soavi, (Of CEMETARY MAN fame) it's the tale of a theater group locked inside a sound stage at the hands of a lunatic actor dressed in an owls head costume. It may sound goofy...but there are some seriously intense scenes...more notably the stage scene where the killer sits in a chair like a king with his court before him, the corpses of his victims. The soundtrack reeks of 80's music...But it stands as one of my personal favorite slasher flicks.

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