Thursday, August 16, 2012

Monsters Exchange Program

Ben Alien - Craigified
The Rust Belt Monsters have been doing a lot of live drawing lately.  The fun comes from creatining one massive expression of our group.  An artist will start drawing something, the person next them will draw their own idea, and so on.  But after a while, the piece stops being these separate entities and starts merging together.  You start drawing objects/characters that are reacting to what your friend is drawing.  Maybe one of the monsters will start filling in an environment that better serves your drawing.  And sometimes you pass the baton and let one of the monsters continue with what ever your were drawing.

Its a fun evolution of your character in a direction that you might not have expected.  We each have specific strengths and its always a joy to see your idea put through that person's artistic filter.  The other night I was drawing in my iPad and discarded some Alien drawing.  Craig picked it up and went forward with it.  Its a fun little exercise that I really suggest everyone try.  I did the same thing back in November.

Craig Zombie - Benified


  1. THIS. IS. AWESOME!!!!!!! Oh man, I love it so so much. We have to keep doing it!

    1. heck yeah! I'll send you the file.

    2. That would have been a cool Olympics related theme: We keep passing along a drawing like a baton. Maybe in 4 years if we don't hate each other ;-)