Friday, August 10, 2012

Round 27: Mr. Freeze

My real education in Batman came from, Batman the Animated Series.  Like most around my age I had  met "The Challenge of the Superfriends", gone through a "Superpowers" and 60's "Batman and Robin" phase.  Was blown away by Burton's and Miller's Batmen and glowed with spiteful joy when I first read, "Death in the Family".  This was all immaterial when I found the work of Timm and Dini.  The original animated series was a distillation of everything good about Batman including his rogues gallery.  
My favorite, Dr.Victor Fries*.  He isn't in it for money, glory, a twisted sense of entitlement or even, " watch it all burn," he's in it for the love of his wife Nora.  Nothing else matters.  It's hard not to root for him especially in the episode, "Heart of Ice".  Do yourself a favor, if you haven't watched it in a while it's one of the best.
As the illustration goes, it's all vector, it was hard to pass up the pun.  

*Can't get this far into the post without mentioning the character design for Freeze was done by another hero of mine, Mike Mignola.


  1. This is far and away my favorite thing you've ever done. I would honestly have this framed and hang in my studio. Brilliant work.

  2. F*cking incredible....and I second what Ben said.