Friday, February 17, 2012

Tim, W6: Back from the dead to kick in your head!

Hey look who is on time this week!

I really love "the Crow", what a cool character and a cool concept. When I was a kid I thought the (1st) movie was awesome, and then when I was in college, I finally got the chance to read the original comics and holy shit did those kick ass!

 I love imagining other characters who have been risen from the grave to avenge the wrongs inflicted on them. Here is my "Golden Age" 1940's comic book  superhero version of the Crow, who came back to punch crime in the face!  With him I wanted to leave out the traditional "Crow" design elements (the theatrical tragic face paint) that are used for most versions of the Crow, I have always felt that those where unique to James O'Barr's original Crow, and the other characters who return from the grave have other influences in their lives that drive the look of their Crow's persona.

This was such a fun topic for me, I came up with at least two other concepts for alternate Crows that hopeful I'll get the chance to finish soon (it was so hard not to finish my "Crow-nan the Barbarian" Crow for this week).

Most of this was done digitally, which I'm not thrilled with, as I found that I really prefer to layout and design the whole piece on paper, and then color it in photoshop, but, the small part that I drew in ink, is here if you feel the need to check it out

Hey, for a bigger version go to Tim's deviantART page and press the download button in the top left corner.


  1. Shit. This totally makes me rethink the direction I was going with mine. Nice work (as always). You constantly inspire.

  2. Love retro stuff like this...if I were to see this on a cover...I'd buy it!