Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week 5: How Industrious

Now, I may be in the vast minority here, but I've always preferred Batman Returns to the original Batman movie.   Michelle Pfieffer's mental breakdown in her apartment, the Penguin's origin as a little boy taken in by a carnival's freak-show after being abandoned by his parents, and the whole thing being set in a Gotham Winter.  If you haven't seen the movie in a while, you've probably forgotten that Christopher Walken was right in the middle of all of it.  At a point in his career where he could still come off as extremely menacing, he played Max Schreck: a crafty businessman trying to fulfill his legacy and pass on to his son a new power plant that will secretly suck electricity from the homes of Gotham's citizens.  Rewatching the movie, I never felt that Christopher Walken, or Batman Returns, got the praise that it deserved.  My idea was to draw a picture moments after he pushes Selina Kyle through that window.

Once again, everything is digital.  Looked to some Hugh Ferriss architecture for the buildings.  Wanted to get away from my standard body shape and tried exaggerating the proportions while still looking a bit like Walken. Also, was struggling a little bit with my lines being too thin.  So I layed a copy of the lines on top of themselves and that seemed to do the trick.

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  1. That's a nice likeness and a hand pose with some challenge to it, well done tackeling both! It actually took me the second look to see the bat shadow, nice touch. Those buildings, spot on, they add just the right feel.
    Are you doing this all in Photoshop or jumping around in programs?

  2. I agree 100%. Still one of my fav'd Bat films...they lost me after this one though. The architecture in the window reminds me of the opening sequence to the animated series. Nicely done, Ben.

  3. I do all of the initial sketching and the inking in Sketchbook Pro. Then I bring it over to Photoshop for coloring. Still struggling with the inking part, but I'm trying some new things. I have a sort of step by step up over on my blog.

    1. Oh, and for the hand poses, I took a couple of pictures with the web cam holding pages to help get it right.

  4. Great job with the details in this. I really like the bat shadow and the cool art deco-ish buildings and I absolutely loved the cat wallpaper! These elements totally set the mood in this scene. Great storytelling and atmosphere.