Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Festus-avus Miracle

Growing up in my home as a kid, my parents watched a lot of westerns...a lot. And personally I was never interested in the older black and white films other than a handful...It wasn't until the first time I saw a Leone film that I fell in love with the genre. My parents watched shows like HIGH CHAPPAREL, BIG VALLEY, BONANZA and GUNSMOKE. Marshall Dillon never struck me as a true cowboy...or even that rugged. His cloths were always spotless and he was clean shaven, hat always perfect....But then there was Festus...his deputy. Festus for me, was the epitome of a rugged cowboy. And although he was used more often for humor sake on the show...and in most cases watching Dillons back..deep down, personally I always thought, "He looks more like the sheriff." His cloths were worn and faded...his mug unshaven and his hat looked like he'd been on the plains..weathered. Much like his features. If I were in a showdown or gun battle...I'd want Festus watching my back. Always thought he should of had his moment to shine..So this one is for you Festus. Now...back to inking a commission piece...Follow the link to Chelzo Studios to see my progress.


  1. So for some reason my Father in law would assign a nickname to all of the guys that dated his daughter and they were usually a character from a Western. He nicknamed me after this character. I knew a little about Gunsmoke and even less about Festus but thought it was funny. Now I know how cool it was that he called me Festus, and still calls me Festus. Mighty fine piece, oozes of the time period.

  2. I always thought Festus was a bad ass...just waiting for the right moment...Thanks Craig.

  3. Oh mam, the coloring and texture here tell so much about this character, awesome job!