Monday, February 27, 2012

Week 7: Super-Grover Sneak Attack On Doomsday

Another "quicky" this week.  I had a couple different ideas in my head, but when I started sketching it just turned into Super-Grover vs. Doomsday.  I remember looking at coloring books and other drawings of Muppets in the past and thinking that there was something off about the way they looked.  Drawing this reminded me of what that is: a lot of there features are limited to the point where adding anything takes away from their look. Their mouths don't really bend or curve and some don't have eyelids or eyebrows.  Adding those features in the drawing takes away what they look like.   Its a real testament to the abilities of those puppeteers that they are able to produce so much expression and life from them.

Netflix Instant just added the documentary "Being Elmo".  I watched it yesterday and highly recommend it.

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