Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 17: Free Comic Book Day

Image by Jameson Campbell

This week we're teaming up with our pals at Carol And John's Comic Book Shop to celebrate one of our favorite holidays: Free Comic Book Day.  Each year, publishers and comic shops give out comic books absolutely free of charge!  That's better than a turkey dinner, and The Avengers could beat up Santa Claus any day of the week.

Who better to introduce this week than the owner of Carol And John's. Cleveland's comic book stalwart:  John Dudas. 

The Challenge is this, to create a comic book cover for one of Marvel Comics Blank Variants using any Marvel character you like! Marvel Blank Variants are special editions of popular titles that have a cardstock cover and only a logo on the front. The intention is to take the book to a comic convention and have an artist you like draw you a sketch on the cover. These can be as simple or elaborate as you want. It's sort of extra cool when the logo blends in with your drawing. These books will be used to enhance the spendor that is Free Comic Book Day at Carol and John's Comic Book Shop. All books will be on display for the entire event with your name and any website you'd like to link to your art under it. At the end of the event we will raffle the covers off after dicumenting them. We get about 1,000 people passing through our doors in under 24 hours. You also get a free pass to Dr. Sketchy, and we're also going to send out an email to our 2,000 plus mailing list thanking you guys for being true supporters of FCBD in Cleveland. It sounds like I'm trying to sell the perks, but the reality is I'm just very grateful that you've all choosen to help spread art and Keep Cleveland in Comic Books! Excelsior!

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