Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 14: Lady Gaga - Drawn this Way

Image by Adrian Valencia. Check out Adrian's amazing work here.
Ever since she came on the scene, Lady Gaga has been bending the borders of music, fashion, and performance in way we haven't seen since 1980's Madonna. In the process, Gaga has built herself into an incredible multifaceted character accompanied by truly legendary costumes. They can be beautiful, compelling, disturbing, and sometimes outright bizarre, but they are always the most memorable part of the performance. Love her or hate her, Gaga brings these works of art into the public eye - and that is simply amazing.

We at the Rust Belt Haus of Fashion have been given the (pretend) assignment of a lifetime: Design Lady Gaga's next edgy look. Come see how couture we can get...

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