Friday, April 27, 2012

Week 15: That deaf dumb and blind girl sure plays a mean Roller Derby

Just don't call her Roller Derby Barbie
I had a blast with this one! ... For some reason I had "Pinball Wizard" running through my head whenever I worked on it...

This is all in Illustrator. I used it as an Artclub demo last week and have been working on it bit by bit since then (hence the lateness). Ben Hale took this picture of us when I started.

Art nerds who get to show off are happy art nerds!
BTW... Totally digging the Hubble Space photos right now. I want to put galaxies in everything... including my outfits. The fantastic thing is that all the Hubble photos are free to download and use from the Hubble Website. Awesome! Thanks NASA!


  1. That is so badass, I learned a lot from that demo. I wish I would have taken notes! You totally got the feel of the song

  2. Awesome piece, I love the arm tattoo!

  3. This is great! I love the font and the background!

  4. Great work! Cool to see how far this has come from the few shapes it was in the demo.