Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Bride

This piece done in graphite and acrylic is my first contribution to a fundraiser that is near and dear to me.  My hometown, Princeton, WV, through the Princeton Renaissance project is undergoing some massive and much needed renovation and improvement.  From cleaning up main street, renovating old buildings, city icons that have languished in disrepair, hiring local Artists to paint massive murals and generally injecting some civic pride and fostering local commerce in a city who has long needed a helping hand.  Because of the work of a very dedicated few my hometown is on the mend but still needs help!
A few of us, local Artists and natives living elsewhere (aka me) have been asked to paint these antique ceiling tiles that once adorned the ceiling of the Royal/Lavon Theater as well as some some speakers from the Anita Drive in Theater to be auctioned off to benefit the good work of the Princeton Renaissance Project.  If you would like to OWN this or any of the other excellent works of art offered check out the silent auction site HERE . 
As I said it's for an excellent cause and any bit of cash raised will go a long way to helping an area that needs it.

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