Friday, May 3, 2013

The Outre' Project

So it's been a while since I've been able to participate with the rest of the monsters in the challenges. And this is one of the few reasons why. This is page one of an 8 page story I penciled and inked for Magnus Aspli's Outre': Responsibility. An online comic available as a free PDF download starting on Free Comic Book day. The story was written by old friend Ron Montgomery, who I worked with on Fubar: Empire of the Rising Dead. The lettering was provided by the talented Rafer Roberts, who I also worked with on Dark Horse's Once Upon a Time Machine...but the really big thrill for me was having our own fellow monster, Tim Switalksi do the coloring chores on this. As you can see by the is incredible work. My pencil and inks never looked so good. I can guarantee...Tim and I will be working together again...and again. This time though I won't put him under such a tight deadline. Promise Tim! Keep and eye on the blog, over the next 12 hours I'll be posting the link once the page is live. So you all can click and download for FREE. Thanks again Tim.

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