Monday, November 18, 2013

This is not the world

Once upon a time I wrote and illustrated a tiny book.  
A three inch tall sketchbook to be precise.  As part of the Art House Co-Op's ongoing The Sketchbook Project I was one of many Artists from all over the world who tackled the topic "How do you save the world?"  My lil' book made it to the show in Atlanta and is now in a private collection but in the spirit of the season I thought I might share an overview.

Where do you even start to save the world?  By defining what the heck the world is anyway.  I consulted Merriam Webster.

So that's huge.  After a few pages of exploring how vast that is I decided it was far too big for such a small book so back to the dictionary I went.

This proved WAY more manageable.  If the world is people, how do you go about saving the world?  Learn from history of course!  Some have had the best of intentions but their actions proved excessive, even destructive.  I.E. Old Moldery himself, John Brown.

Some chose more more peaceful methods and by doing so STILL influence productive change.

I love history and I could have gone down this path for quite some time but alas I was running out of pages in my tiny book so I was forced to come to my point.

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