Friday, July 25, 2014

A Knight in Gotham

Hey...Rev here.
My piece for the upcoming Carol and Johns Comic Shop Batman 75th anniversary party this Saturday the 26th curated by good friend and outstanding fellow artist Ryan Finley. If you were to boil Batman down to his basic essence....take away all the hype....all the crazy nefarious boils down to one thing. Batman is just a man. Just a guy that dresses up in a bat outfit. Driven by a relentless desire, a need to avenge the death of his parents who died tragically at the hands of a criminal. Wrong the wrong time. That being said....all he has is his money (being a billionaire and all), his wits and his training.
So I envisioned what it must be like for him at the end of a night, after running around and stopping as many crimes as he can. Muggers, rapists....robbers...taking on all these in one night...only to come home, mend his wounds and go back at it again the next night. washes, red ink...and white paint marker. I wanted a really wet look to this as Bats comes in from the I worked wet. Well....not me personally, but I kept the paper wet as I worked and allowed it to dry before wetting it again.

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