Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Craig's Day 2 : Usagi!!!

Today's random word and phrases is:

The Reckless     Marooned      Sensei 

It's funny, I'm finding these random words are stirring up very specific stories.  The first one, "Treasure Island", this one the Legend of Miyamoto Musashi and the duel with "The Demon of the Western Provinces".  You can find the full story here.  Essentially the story goes that Musashi traveled Japan finding teachers and swordsmen of renown to test his skills as a samurai.  The long and short of it is he challenges a swordsman, this 'Demon", to a duel on an island.  He makes the Demon wait, making him angry that he had been disrespected and about the time he was blinded by his anger.  Musashi shows up, does not draw his sword  but instead brandishes an oar from his boat, further disrespecting the swordsman, and kills the Demon.   
So why is he a rabbit?  Cause I wasn't the only one inspired by the story of Musashi, The amazing Stan Sakai created this amazing character, Usagi Yojimbo who is a combination of the great Samurai movies and the story of Musashi.  You should check it out!

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