Saturday, November 10, 2012

Superhero Sketches!

I'm in the process of locking down a character design and need to create a model sheet to keep my character consistent   After a whole bunch of drawing, I've narrowed down my favorite sketches and I'll be using them to put together my final design.  Thought I'd throw them up here for people to see.


  1. Really liking the proportions but Devil's advocate question: why Superman with a oval symbol?

    1. LOL. I've gotten that a few times before. The Superman closeness is probably because the game is inspired by the old Superman arcade game I used to play as a kid and because I wanted a very basic design.

      The oval on the chest is going to be colored to be more of a yellow jewel and not an emblem. The truth of it is that all of the art assets are mirrored depending on the direction the player is going. So to avoid any weirdness with chest emblems, I was tying to come up with something that would look the same going both directions. So I started by drawing an oval, but then decided on a jewel/amulet kind of thing. I wanted the back story of it to be something that was used in medieval times and would have been placed in a sword or suit of armor through generations and having it evolve to be used by superheros.

  2. These are the last one. Great sense of figure balance...and weight. He looks like he's lifting something get that feeling. Great job dude.