Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Round 34: Just pile 'em up anywhere

What happens to all those old tests?  Pile 'em up!  Imagine the piles and piles of Tippy, Pirate and Cubby drawings through the years.  The fire risk alone is incredibly staggering!  
This isn't the first time I thought strange thoughts about these characters, OH NO!  In the spring of last year these characters invaded our first  RBMC collaboration.

It seems they are inescapable, once you draw them you are DOOMED to draw them again.


  1. Very cool. You'll have to show me how you got that texture in the shadows. Its a really nice effect.

    1. Thanks, that effect is either the scan of the drawing on vellum or it's the brush I used in Sketchbook Pro.

  2. They remind me of those weird baby heads from Sprited Away. Nice work!!