Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Week 36: The Man in Black

 The year is 1969....1970ish. I'm 7 years old, it's a Saturday morning and after a healthy dose of Saturday cartoons, I sit at the breakfast table eating a bowl of cereal. My step dad, Bud comes walking into the kitchen. A big guy ( at least to a puny, skinny scrawny kid like me.)... Dark hair slicked back, decent size chops growing and climbing down his face, an inch or two below his ear lobes. He sits next to me as mom finishes up making breakfast...maybe scrambled or fried eggs. Some toast, the background playing on the radio that sits on top of the fridge Johnny Cash Walk the Line plays on WGAR and life seems ...okay.....
It's a time before cordless or cell phones, pagers, call waiting, call forwarding, no laptops, desktops, tablets. 6 channels on the T.V....7 if you caught it on the right cable yet. No video games...
 Thinking back now it seemed a simpler time...guys dress a bit cooler. Men still dressed sharp...not every other person had a baseball cap on...and there was the guy. This man in black...he seemed bigger than life and my parents watched his shows and listed to his music through most of my younger years. It wasn't till years later that I grew to appreciate Mr. Cash's music. Really listen to the words...He sung of brawlers, jilted lovers, murderers...gunslingers. I own most...if not all of his music. His cover stuff..Danzigs "13", Sprinsteens "Further on up the Road", Reznors "Hurt" and a slew of others...are just incredible.
 Last two things...One, I'm not sure if I'm attracted to the music, the man or the feeling the music gives me. Reminding me of that bygone time...simpler time. And two...the saddest thought is at some time we'll run out of music the The Man in Black wrote or recorded.
 Join us at the Rust Belt Monster Collective as we pay homage to The Man and his music.

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