Monday, December 16, 2013

Round 40: A Pig who can't fly is just a pig

I love "Porco Rosso".  
In writing this "brief" description I find myself writing some, stopping and re-writing, gushing like a fanboy and not getting anywhere near "brief".  SO suffice it to say I love "Porco Rosso" and you should check it out.  It's as much about adventure, slapstick and nostalgia as it is about love, longing and coping with grief and loss.  It's so much more than it seems, much more than a flying pig movie!

This piece is not at all what I intended, it started out a sketch while I was rewatching the movie and turned into this.  Kinda inspired by some of the pics of Charles Lindbergh on this one.  Every last bit of it, colored pencil on toned paper.  The piece I intended my still happen someday, if it does check back here!

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