Thursday, April 17, 2014

Everyone should be punished...A History of Violence least that's what Frank Castle seems to be brooding over.'s me, Rev. Jim. It's been waaaay to long since I posted anything to the blog...(something the devious Crider nonchalantly screams out at events.) So I thought I'd throw this here. This is a piece I did, entitled "The Punisher: A History of Violence", for the gallery show for the upcoming Free Comic Book Day event at one of our bestest buds, Carol and Johns Comics Shop. There will be sketches done at the Friday night Pre-Party and on Saturday, the RBMC and myself will be doing the live mural thingy. So come by and see us and the rest of the talented artists Cleveland has to offer. You can get the skinny on everything here...Carol and Johns Comic Shop
So until we meet again...Stay frosty.

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