Friday, June 13, 2014

Tess And The Dragon 2


Hey dudes! I'm still digging through a lot of older sketchbook work to share with you, but I wanted to take this week to play a bit with a limited pallet. I've got a few personal projects around the corner where it's a skill that will hopefully come in handy. This image came from a life drawing session, but I added the dragon afterwards as I've given up taking mescaline while I draw. 

Recently, this image was used to promote the FIVE HOUR life drawing sessions I'm facilitating at BAYArts. next week. I had to add a quick black bikini top to it just like the biker magazines I used to stare at behind the corner in the grocery store growing up. Every so often they'd miss an edit and encourage me to start saving for a motorcycle.  

I never got that bike, but starting next week I'll have 5 hours to stare at naked people without sneaking around. 

Your Pal,

Randy Crider

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