Monday, January 30, 2012

Tim W3:Galactus!

EDIT: Galactus Cometh!

Well, sorry to be tardy to the party (again), I've never drawn the big purple planet eater before, and I kinda got carried away drawing all that killer Kirby kewl-ness, but after a long and seemingly hopeless struggle, a strange bald entity wearing a shimmering space toga appeared to me brandishing a weapon of unimaginable" Ultimate" cosmic power, using the weapon I was able to "Nullify" the great space god's power in a manner most mighty, I was left with only this drawing to commemorate the marvelous event .... or you know, I may have dreamed this...I need sleep, Excelsior!

Ink on paper drawing, colored in photoshop, as always go here to check out the rough line work: 

and for a (much) larger view go here:

work in progress post

Galactus is officially kicking my ass, it's 2am Monday morning and he is going to win.... for tonight (stupid procrastination gods). This is a "work in progress", I just wanted to post something, when I'm done I'll edit this post with a finished  "Devourer of Worlds".


  1. Looks pretty damn impressive already.

  2. Awesome, man! Love those ben-day dots. Can't wait to see the finish!

  3. Seriously diggin the coloring on the hand. Looking forward to seeing the end results. And I like that you went and added your own take on the head gear and chest plate. Nice, Tim.

  4. Aside from some clean up here and there, done! I'm liking it a little rough.

  5. Tim, you are insane. I love this so much

  6. Sweet Jeebus! Sooooo glad you posted the drawing on your site, love seeing the progress.

  7. Oh my god! So much to look at! Great job Tim.