Saturday, January 14, 2012

GLAR (Jim Giar)

 Howdy! My name is Jim Giar but I've settled on a name that I picked up in art school when they used to mis-pronounce my last name due to my crappy hand writing. So you can just refer to me as GLAR... I've always seen myself as a "Pop Cultural Brat". Raised during the late 60's and 70's on all that is deemed unseedy by society. An unhealthy dose of comics, B-rated horror flicks and grindhouse cinema along with an affinity for Famous Monsters of Filmland, Eerie and Creepy magazines as a kid. I've been drawing since the age of 4 and as far as I remember, my first drawing was of Dr. Suess Horton Hears A Who and a newspaper comic strip of Hi and Lois. Most of my work has been in comics, but over that last year or so I've been trying to branch out and push myself. I favor throwing of any boundaries and allowing my work to live on it's own energy. I now believe it's better to focus on what others feel about my art, as opposed to what others think about it. I've taught several workshops on sequential storytelling and sketch cards. I cannot express how honored I am to have fallen in with this group of artists that never cease to amaze, inspire and motivate me. Wurd.
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