Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hide If You Want...

...she sees what you're thinking.

Wanted to go for something a little more Eastern/Mystical.  Basically, someone that would make you nervous that you were giving something away with every little tick or expression.

I'm trying to get back into my digital painting in order to challenge myself a bit.  I tried a little different lighting than I'm used to, but feel I dropped the ball on the pose.  I remember listening to an episode of the Sidebar Podcast and Lauren Montgomery (director of a good number of DC Universe animated films) said that at a certain point she decided that she needed to stop drawing the flat character facing the camera with no background.  I'm going to try and make an effort to be a little more courageous with my poses and camera angles.

The exciting thing is, thanks to this group, I really feel like I'm learning on a more regular basis.  With any luck, at the end of the year I'll be able to look back at this and to see exactly how I could have fixed it.  Loving the Rust Belt Monsters!

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  1. Damn Ben. For me personally, this is one of the best pieces I've seen you do. It feels like it has a lot more heart...or soemthing. Can't quite put my finger on it. But it's fantastic. And I love the texture and lighting. Friggin' pat yourself on the back and buy yourself a drink.

  2. Thanks a lot. I think I had a better handle on what I wanted to do when I started this one. A lot less of just finding it as I go. I'm hoping to expand on that as I progress.

  3. I agree with Jim you are getting a nice feel here. You are getting the feel of the atmosphere around Ms. Creepypus which I think adds TONS to her character. What I am excited to see where you go next!

  4. If you didn't say that this was digital...I would have never believed it. The textures are cool, and the lighting is excellently done, nice job.