Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Ben Hale

In what is probably going to be a long line of me falling behind, here is my first piece for the Rust Belt Monsters.  My name is Ben Hale.  Born in Cleveland and currently living slightly outside of it (Newbury), I've been drawing as long as I can remember.  It seems like just yesterday I was sitting in kindergarten and growing increasingly frustrated at my drawing's nose and convincing myself that I could get it right.  I've always had a fondness for cartoons and find my inspiration in the more "animator-friendly" works of Bruce Timm and Glen Keane.  A couple years ago I decided to stop being jealous of highly motivated people and become one of them.  I'm extremely honored to be counted among these five other artists and am looking forward to the work we'll produce as well as the inevitable personal growth.

Personal Blog: Still-Reaching
Twitter: NeedYourDisease
DeviantArt: Sman118

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