Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tim, Week 2: Goddess of Procrastination

So when I first started this piece, she was going to be the "Goddess of Procrastination" (which I inadvertently end up worshiping way too much), and I guess I can still think of her like that, but in my opinion she turned out to be more like some sort of "Cyber-Reality-Life-Sucking Goddess", which I'm okay with because I also tend to worship her a lot as well. 

She was done with Ink on paper and then colored in Photoshop.
If you want to see the uncolored raw inks check them out at my personal blog here:


  1. HA! Spot on! I think what makes the whole thing for me is the ruffle on the bottom of the foot rest.

  2. Tim...this is fantastic. Great design work..

  3. Come to art club. Give me all your secrets. Amazing man.

  4. Holy Shit! That is incredible.