Thursday, January 15, 2015

Our 5th Beatle

Not like Pete Best, the could-have-been drummer of the Beatles but GEORGE FLIPPIN' MARTIN!!!  The grease in our crank case, the guy we lean on when we are in need of a third arm the sometimes our Face man, Ron Caruso!!  Sure he's married to the lovely and talented Erin which would give anyone the reason to show up but our man Ron has gone the extra mile time and time again.
For example, the man is a talent in his own right and he's bent that talent to this fine, short documentary of our work that you can find on our YOUTUBE page.  

Surely we've posted it before but it bears posting again, it's great and it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling every time I watch it.  Thanks a ton Ron!

And while I'm at it throw us a subscribe on youtube.  We do post things from time to time, important things like this mustache tutorial:

As this year starts moving and we get out and about expect to see more moving images of your favorite Rust Belt Monsters!!


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