Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy 3rd Anniversary!!!!

 This is us, three years ago. 

Our first mural gig and we didn't even know it.  The first annual Bal Ingenieux for Ingenuity Cleveland.  Having started this blog only a few months before we were commissioned  as a group of Art performers and we had the bright idea to create a comic, from start to finish in one night.  

One group start a story on one side of the room.

The other group on the opposite side.

6 Artists, using cut paper, markers, whatever we had just making stuff up on the fly.  Just getting to know each other, playing it safe, you stay in your frame and I'll stay in mine. The only collaboration was in the story and that's all.

  That is till we got to the splash page in the middle.

Way more fun than the panels we were working on to the sides, (doubt those even exist anymore).  We bumped elbows, worked on each other's drawings (we didn't paint as much then as we do now) and created something much more satisfying together than what we worked on alone. We were hooked!

In three years we are 30+ murals in.  We've grown as Artists from working together, we've had the opportunity to work in some amazing and humbling venues, work with great people and in short become a family.

Thank you all for your support these amazing three years. 

2015 is already shaping up to be a HUGE year!

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