Friday, May 29, 2015

Behold The Triple Lindy

Click the image, count the lines. 
Hey Folks, Randy here sharing the first of many previews of the upcoming "Triple Lindy" art show Oct 9th at BAYArts.  The show is a collaboration between fellow monster Jim Giar and our good pal Ryan Finley. All three of us teach cartooning at BAYArts, and they asked us to come up with a showcase. 
This is one of our buddy art pieces.  It was made by all three of us penciling and then adding the finishes all by myself.  While the show is really a 3 part solo show, there'll be a lot of buddy art with Jim and Ryan applying finishes as well. If you're in the area, and you like things that are cool, you should make it out. 

But, if not, we'll post more from it along the way.    

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