Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wk 23: Mamma Mia!

While thinking about the exploitation movie poster it would seem that it requires a few things, a bad guy, a lady and a promise of extreme action.  Donkey Kong seemed the all too obvious a choice, right?  We got a ape with destructive intentions a damsel in distress and a working class hero, how this was never a movie in the seventies I'll never know!
This one, like the most of the others, pencil on vellum colored in Photoshop.  To be honest there are a few things I am not entirely done with in this piece but I like it well enough to jump back in at some point in the future to finish it up.  Until then I hope you enjoy. 


  1. I absolutely adore when you get super stylish like this. More big feet please.

  2. Total badassery...on all levels.