Monday, January 7, 2013

Round 33: The Hobbit

Thought I'd try my hand at some more digital painting and break in a new bamboo tablet.  Having just seen The Hobbit, I went with the battle of riddles scene.  My art resolution for 2013 is to no longer draw characters without at least some background element.  Hence the rock.  As always, visit my personal blog to see original sketches:


  1. Good stuff going on here, as always you have a great hand at atmosphere. Feels very pastel, you ever work with that stuff? I think I may also take up your resolution I need to start filling the page more too.

    1. I think I worked with it briefly when I was younger, but not in any meaningful way. This is the first time I've ever worked purely with the photoshop brushes. In the past I've worked exclusively with some brushes from ImagineFX (mainly Marta Dahlig). It gave my stuff a softer, almost hazey look. I wanted something a little more sketchy. Not sure if I will continue in this direction or not.